CooperVision Aspire Pro Toric Monthly Disposable Lens with UV Blocking (3 lens per box)


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If you have astigmatism and demand exceptional quality, turn to Aspire™ PROtoric lenses by CooperVision, a world leader in toric contact lenses. Aspire™ PRO toric offer a remarkable balance of comfort, breathability and excellent visual performance.

They feature a unique toric design for a dependably stable fit. And they’re made with CooperVision® Aquaform® Technology which provides 100% of the oxygen your eyes need* to help them stay healthy2, and give your eyes natural wettability and premium comfort throughout your busy days.

CooperVision Aspire Pro

– Optimized Toric Lens Geometry incorporates special design features to provide excellent orientation1 and stable fit for consistently clear vision.
– Lenses stay moist and comfortable.
– Naturally wettable so you’re less likely to need additional wetting drops.
– Lens Material – Comfilcon A
– Base Curve is 8.7 mm & Diameter is 14.5 mm
– Water Content – 48.00%

Aberration Neutralizing System

The Aberration Neutralizing System is designed to enhance vision quality by minimizing an optical imperfection† commonly found in eyes.

Aquaform Technology

Aquaform Technology locks in water – so you can have incredible comfort all day long – and helps your eyes stay clear and white, by delivering the oxygen your eyes need.

Special Rounded Edges

A smooth surface with special rounded edges enhance comfort by minimizing interaction between your contact lenses and your eyelids.

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